Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer shares?

To transfer water shares to another party you must present a valid stock certificate. Fill in the appropriate sections on the back side of the certificate and mail or deliver the certificate to the water company secretary. Stock certificates must be signed by the President and Secretary and bear the Company seal.

Can I purchase water shares?

Current shareholders own all water shares. No shares are available for sale from the water company. From time to time shareholders may sell unused or unwanted shares. The best way to find shares available for sale is to ask around or advertise. Shares have currently been selling for around $750.00 City owned shares can be traded, but Utah State ordinance restricts shares owned by a city from being sold.

The canal was dry during my turn.

The canal system is over 6-miles long. The canal becomes smaller and smaller along the way and ends near 200 North in Providence. If users close too many headgates the canal overflows into the street. If someone in Millville or elsewhere opens a 18-inch field stream gate the canal dries up. The watermaster must work continually to maintain proper flow in each segment of the canal. Unfortunately, its a hopeless task and from time to time the canal may be dry. If the ditch is dry during your turn:

  • Make certain the gates and turnouts on your lateral are properly set.
  • Make certain you are using the correct schedule, many schedules change each year.
  • Check with neighbors and see if additional water is available.
  • Contact the watermaster, some reserve time is available between stream changes.

Someone stole the water during my turn.
  • Make certain you are using the correct schedule, many schedules change each year.
  • Make certain the gates and turnouts on your lateral are properly set.
  • Check along the lateral and see where the water has gone, children often play with the headgates
  • Contact the watermaster if an individual has knowingly stolen the water.

Can I trade time with a neighbor?

Yes. During vacations and for other temporary needs you are free to trade time with neighbors on the same "stream" without contacting the watermaster. Providence has six city streams, some of which run concurrently. Please do not trade with others on a different stream as this may cause conflicts with a concurrent stream and can waste time & water refilling an empty lateral.

Can I pump water from the canal?

No. All water releases from the canal must be made thru a canal company headgate. The discharge side of the headgate must be open to the atmosphere with an "air box" or other vented structure. You can however, pump directly from the air box or lateral ditches.

How much time do I get per share?

The amount of water available in the river differs from year to year and throughout the season. The Providence & Millville Blacksmith Fork companies, Hyrum, and Nibley are each entitled to 1/3 of the water in the river. A stockholder "share" is a proportional share of the available water. During times of draught water use must be restricted, unfortunately, there is no practical way to control the amount of water released by the headgates. Users open their headgates all the way up regardless of the available water. The only way to manage total usage is by adjusting the time for each share. During drought seasons less concurrent streams are operated via shortened schedules. The Board of Directors meet each year and based on snowpack forecasts, assigns the time/share for the season. The time/share has been 1:00 hr/share for the last several years. During 1992 the rate was 3/4-hrs/share and in 1994 1:15 /share.