In Case of Emergency
Providence City

Providence city maintains a telephone number for reporting emergencies. The following number will ring through to whoever is on call at the time.

Providence City
Equipment Building
Providence, Ut


During the winter, the irrigation company diverts no water from the river an no Watermaster is employed. Flooding from the canal can still occur from storm and surface water flowing into the canals. Please contact local municipal or county officials (or 911) in cases of emergency. Storm water is not managed by the irrigation companies.


In case of emergency please contact one of the following:

  1. Call the watermaster
  2. Call one of the Providence-Blacksmith Fork Irrigation Company Directors
  3. Call Providence City
  4. Call the Millville Irrigation Company
  5. Call 911
Contact Information

The canal is jointly owned by both the Providence and Millville Irrigation companies. The Millville company has access to the river diversion and can divert water at several points south of Providence. The major tailwater drain is located on the lower canal, just East of the Ridgeline High School football field.

What to do in an emergency

The canal begins at a diversion at the mouth of Blacksmith Fork Canyon and ends 6-miles downstream in a small box at 150 East 100 North in Providence. In case of a washout or other failure it is impractical to quickly shut off the water by closing the gates at the diversion, it takes 8-10 hours for the canal to empty out.

In case of a washout the most productive action is to divert the water in the canal back to the river. Several headgates thru Millville and Providence can be used to divert water back to either the Blacksmith Fork or Spring Creek rivers. These headgates are normally locked. In case of emergency it is acceptable to cut the lock off with a bolt cutter or hacksaw.

Waste Ditch Headgates
  1. Upper Canal: 12 inch headgate at 150 East 300 North Millville. Open the bypass headgate in the wier to allow water to flow to the West.
  2. Lower Canal: 24 inch headgate directly east of the Ridgeline High School football field. This headgate is large enough to drain the entire canal.
  3. Lower Canal: 12 inch headgate at 250 West 300 South Providence. Open the canal gate then drive west 1-block and open the outlet gate valve near the cottonwood trees on the south side of the lane.